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Support a More Sustainable World with Bamboo Tissue Paper

When you care about the world around you, finding ways in which you can minimize your impact on the environment is important. Did you know that with every flush, you are sending part of our forests to waste? Now, you can reduce your footprint with bamboo tissue paper developed by the team at Bampoo. We make it easy to access a more sustainable option for the daily routine, providing 100% sustainable and ethically created bamboo toilet tissue that helps you to be kind to your behind while caring for the earth.

Strong and Soft Bamboo Toilet Tissue that is Safe for the Environment

At Bampoo, we know that quality matters. Our development of our bamboo toilet tissue takes into account the features that you are looking for with every wipe. Enjoy more strength and durability while leaving your booty feeling softer with tissue paper from bamboo that contains no chemicals or plastics. With every purchase, we donate to UNICEF and support the Clean Air Task Force, so that with every purchase, you can know that you are doing your part in creating a more sustainable future.

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At Bampoo, we support you in supporting the environment. Our tissue paper made from bamboo is the perfect way to reduce your footprint and supporting the health of our forests. Shop online today to schedule your Bampoo delivery, or for more information, call us at (828) 201-3423.