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Change the World One Wipe at a Time with Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Paper

Are you having trouble finding more ways in which you can support the world around you? It might be time to turn to your bathroom habits. Did you know that with every flush you are sending our forests down the toilet? Not anymore. Bampoo is an innovative and sustainable bamboo toilet paper created from 100% sustainably farmed bamboo pulp. Containing no chemicals or plastics, and offering a septic safe experience, Bampoo is the perfect choice for those who want to invest in our future.

Benefit from Sustainable Toilet Paper for a Softer Booty

When you choose tree free toilet paper, you are choosing a future that does not depend so much on destroying our forests. Bampoo was created to offer an ethical and sustainable alternative to traditional paper products, and has been engineered to offer a softer experience for your behind. Strong and durable but quickly dissolvable, Bampoo sustainable toilet paper is the smart choice for the environment now and for the future. We donate part of our proceeds to global causes that share our love for the world and those that inhabit it.

Schedule Your Delivery for the Best Sustainable Toilet Paper Today

At Bampoo, you can invest in a future that is free from deforestation while taking care of your behind. Our sustainable toilet paper is available on a subscribe and save delivery schedule. To find out more about our range, contact us today at (828) 201-3423.