My Story

 Bamboo Forest

I first came up with the business idea while living and working in Hawaii. I was living in the most beautiful place in the whole world where I saw the pride that native Hawaiians took in keeping their home pristine. These efforts inspired me and helped me realize that every part of our planet could be beautiful if we took better care of it. I knew that I wanted to start a business once my internship was over, but I wanted the business to make a positive impact on the world. I also wanted the business to help solve a problem that wasn't a main focus of society. I soon found out that 27,000 trees are cut down every day to make toilet paper and decided that this would be my focus. I felt like the easiest way to enact long term change is by providing people with an eco-friendly alternative to a product that we all use every day. I wanted to create a fun, sustainable toilet paper brand that people could love and easily substitute it into their lives. The name randomly came to me one day at work so I soon started working on turning this idea into a reality.

Bampoo's mission is to save the Earth, one poop at a time, by helping people ditch their tree-made toilet paper for bamboo toilet paper. My mission is to use Bampoo as a catalyst for bigger change by donating 1% of profit from every sale to UNICEF to give children around the world a fair chance at life. I truly believe that Bampoo and its customers can make a huge difference by saving the world one poop at a time while also investing into the future of humanity.
Help us save the Earth with your butt by making the switch to Bampoo.