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Prioritize the Environment as Well as Your Booty with the Best Non Toxic Toilet Paper

You care about what you put in your body, so why ignore what you use on your body? You may not think about the impact that your toilet paper has on your body as well as the world, but traditional paper products cause millions of trees to be taken down each and every year. Bampoo is a new approach to an often ignored area of the daily routine. We have created a sustainable recycled toilet paper that reduces the impact you have on the earth while keeping your skin soft and happy.

Benefits of Our Recyclable Toilet Paper

Bampoo was born from a love of the environment. With forests being cut down to create products of convenience, a new approach was much needed. Our recycled toilet paper is made from 100% sustainably farmed bamboo, and is created for strength and durability for all of your daily habits. Containing no plastics or chemicals, Bampoo is the best non-toxic toilet paper that takes care of your tushy while protecting the environment.

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Enjoy convenience and peace of mind with non-toxic toilet paper made from 100% bamboo with Bampoo. We make it easy to schedule a regular delivery of recycled toilet paper, with savings to be made on regular subscriptions. To find out more about our recyclable toilet paper and other products, call us today at (828) 201-3423.