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The Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

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I know what you're thinking... what does "sustainable toilet paper" mean and why does it even matter? Toilet paper is a product that no one cares about, but everyone has to have it.

The reason sustainable toilet paper options are important is because 27,000 trees are chopped down every single day to make toilet paper. Another number that might blow your mind is that we flush 40,000 worth of trees down the toiler per day.

Let me simplify this situation for you if you haven't noticed the trend yet. We are flushing more trees down the toilet per day than we are cutting down per day, which is COMPLETELY unsustainable. This is why sustainable toilet paper options such as recycled toilet paper or bamboo toilet paper are important.

Sustainable Toilet Paper 

Toilet paper is a product that everyone uses, but no one thinks twice about it. We just know that we have to have it since we all defecate. Most people usually pick up their toilet paper from the local grocery store, but the problem with this is that most grocery stores don't typically carry a sustainable toilet paper option. I think consumers and stores alike will be looking for more sustainable toilet paper options once they learn the effects that tree-made toilet paper manufacturing and use has on the environment.
The current option that people have for sustainable toilet paper is to go online and order from tree-free toilet paper startups such as Reel, Bippy, Pure Planet Club, Plant Paper, Cloud Paper, Go No. 2, Who Gives A Crap, or Bampoo. Hopefully, grocery store chains will pick up on the need for more sustainable toilet paper options on their shelves sooner than later.

Types of Sustainable Toilet Paper

There are a couple of different types of tree-free toilet paper options, but the biggest two are recycled toilet paper and plant-based toilet paper.

  • Recycled toilet paper: This option is more sustainable than regular tree-made toilet paper, but it comes with a price. Recycled toilet paper isn't known for its softness and also contains many different chemicals from the manufacturing process.
  • Hemp toilet paper: Hemp toilet paper is another great sustainable option, but it can be hard to find and also isn't the softest option available.
  • Bamboo toilet paper: Bamboo toilet paper is probably the best option when it comes to sustainable toilet paper since it is made from one of the most sustainable resources in the world and has a great texture.

Recycled Toilet Paper

Recycled Toilet Paper is one of the few options of sustainable toilet paper there is, but it is also not that great of an option for a few reasons. People usually hear the word recycled and automatically think it's a good thing, but recycled toilet paper is processed with harmful chemicals such as BPA. Recycled toilet paper does help save forests, but you have to deal with the harmful chemicals that can cause cancer and other long term health complications. 

Plant-Based Toilet Paper

Plant-based toilet paper is the other main option that consumers have to choose from. The main types of plant-based toilet paper are bamboo and hemp. Both are great options if you are trying to save the forests, but bamboo is way more accessible since hemp and hemp by-products were just recently legalized in the United States.

The Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is by far the best option when it comes to sustainable toilet paper for a multitude of reasons. The main reasons are the quality, sustainability, and softness.

  • Bamboo toilet paper is super strong, durable, and absorbent, which makes it a great alternative to tree-made toilet paper.
  • Bamboo toilet paper is highly sustainable because the bamboo is grown on farms and reaches maturity every 2-4 years compared to 30 years for trees.
  • Bamboo fibers can be turned into a super soft material, which is why you can find bamboo t-shirts, sheets, towels, and other products.
  • Bamboo toilet paper can also be made chemical-free and is hypo-allergenic, which means it is perfect for people who suffer from severe allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Toilet Paper Packaging

Packaging is another important factor when it comes to the sustainability of a product. Most toilet paper is sold in plastic, which either can't be recycled or just isn't for whatever reason. 

Most modern bamboo toilet paper companies took this into consideration and made sure that their packaging was plastic-free and made from recyclable and biodegradable materials.

 I hope this blog post has been an eye-opener when it comes to sustainable toilet paper and why it is important for everyone to consider switching to an eco-friendly and sustainable toilet paper option such as Bampoo.

Here is a video that compares the major bamboo toilet paper brands made by a Youtuber that focuses on Eco-friendly and sustainable products.